Water - Sewer Welcome to the City of Highlandville
Phone: 417 443 2326     Office Hours 8-3 Monday - Friday         Fax: 417 443 6096
The City of Highlandville, Public Works Department, maintains 3 deep water wells and close to 6 miles of water mains. It also maintains and repairs wastewater mains, 11 main liftstations and over 200 grinder pumps as well as manage and maintain a .14 MGD waste water treatment facility.
Grinder Pumps
Many of the houses in
Highlandville are on a grinder
pump system.  The pump is
located at the residence.  This
provides pressure from the
residence to the force main
sewer system.  Effective January
1, 2015, any new construction,
will install a grinder system at
the owners cost, unless a gravity
main is accessible. The owner is
then responsible for all
maintenance of said grinder.  All
systems installed prior to this
date will still have its regular
Emergency Number

Please use the following number
only in the event of an
emergency for water and sewer

The pictures to the right show a few of the issues that cause the most problems with our system.  There are many items that will not go through the grinder system.  Sanitary wipes and women’s hygiene products will bind in the cutters causing stress on the motors.  These pumps cost an average of $1150.00 per pump.  This is one of the largest cost of maintaining the system. 

What can you the customer do? First is make sure that you don’t flush anything that is on the restricted list.  Second is make a conscience effort to keep grease and other foreign objects from entering into the system.  You as a customer can help to maintain the system and help curb cost of replacement of pumps due to premature failure cause by restricted items.
Sewer Issues