City of Highlandville
Phone: 417 443 2326       Office Hours: 8 - 3 Monday - Friday        Fax 417 443 6096

Bill Pay

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Phone: 417 443 2326     Office Hours 8-3 Monday - Friday         Fax: 417 443 6096
Bills are sent out on the first of the month and due by the 15th of month.  Penalties are accrued after the 15th.  If bill is still outstanding on the first Tuesday of the next month service will be disconnected and only reconnected after account is caught up.  There is $25.00 fee for reconnect during normal business hours. If you request to have utilities turned on after normal office hours the the cost is $45.00.
Water/Sewer Emergency

Please use the following number
only in the event of an
emergency for water and sewer